• Papillon Flora - History and Process

    Before paper was produced in rolls, paper was made as sheets, one at a time. The practice of covering walls with decorated paper began in the late 15th Century, and was done with individual sheets.
  • Italian Diamond Design

    When we revive or reinterpret a design, we look to its origins. We want to know where it came from, how it was produced, and how it sits in the con...
  • Dutch Pearl Design

    If you take a look at photographs Dutch life in the early 1900s, probably your first thought isn’t “Wow, pretty modern!” Clothing looks heavy and uncomfortable, horses are still in use for everyday transportation, and daily activity looks very unlike our sterile digital lives.
  • Paperworld 2019

    Frankfurt in January isn’t a hot vacation destination and time, but we had a great time anyway. The cold, rain and snow didn’t matter so much because we were happy to be in Germany, and inside Paperworld the atmosphere was bright and warm!
  • Welcome!

    “An archaeologist is someone who studies old things and finds they’re new.” -G. K. Chesterton Welcome to our website! We’re glad you landed here a...{ background-color: #000000; }